The Project

Project Silverfish is the only support project for one of the most marginalized minority communities in London.  We work with the Intersex, Transgender and Gender Queer Community.  This community face discrimination, harassment, and isolation on a daily basis.       The Project


Our Aim

To provide a service for our clients who do not feel a LGB service is appropriate for their needs. · To provide a safe space for transgender and intersex people to learn skills and gain confidence. · To support LGBT clients with their concerns and issues connected with there sexuality and/or gender identity · To provide training programmes that will offer transgender and intersex people options out of the sex industry and to gain work experience in a agency which will actively recognize and support their difficult journey through transition.  · Educate and partnership housing providers to accept our clients as well as refer to supported accommodation.    


What We Do

To advice, advocate and support people into mainstream and statutory services.

To support and advise on mental health and mental distress concerns. 

To provide drug/alcohol advice as well as harm minimisation support for people needing to use ‘black market’ prescription medication without GP supervision.

To offer practical advice and key working for those who are intersexed, pre op or post op transsexuals and also guidance for those who are questioning. · Sexual health advice · Harm reduction & Overdose advice · 

Weekly peer support groups · One to One Counseling Service · Group events, excursions and fun days out     

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Since 2009, more than 125 transmen, transwomen,genderqueer and intersex people have accessed our service for support and guidance. 

Project Silverfish

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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